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Venting an old oil furnace...

LyndaW Member Posts: 2
So, I am about to purchase a wood cook stove. This stove, combined with our existing wood stove on the other side of the house will produce enough heat to keep my entire house warm in the winter, thus making my current oil furnace unnecessary 95% of the time.

The problem is that I need the chimney the oil furnace is currently vented out for the cook stove. This means finding an alternative means for venting my furnace (which my husband wants to keep operational in case of emergencies). It would be impractical if not impossible to install another chimney.

Should I look at power venting? I know a lot of you guys don't like it, but I need something that will work in my situation without requiring replacing a furnace I'll barely be using anyway.


  • STEVEusaPA
    STEVEusaPA Member Posts: 6,505
    More info......

    Whats the make/model of your oil furnace?  Also I would have the chimney completely checked out/cleaned by a licensed chimney contractor before you start burning wood in there.

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  • LyndaW
    LyndaW Member Posts: 2
    more info

    The furnace says Cleveland Dornback on it. The envelope with the installation instructions in it has written on it that it was installed in '86. That's all I could find, my husband may have more info if that's not enough.

    As for the chimney, it was inspected 3 years ago, but I was planning on having it inspected and thoroughly cleaned before switching it over to wood. My grandparents used to use it for wood and coal both before and after (yikes!) the furnace was hooked up. So, if it's still in the same shape as 3 years ago we'll be ready to go in terms of the wood stove.
  • Bob Harper
    Bob Harper Member Posts: 1,040
    wood stove venting

    You will need what is called a "level II" inspection. I'm sure it will determine you will need to reline the chimney once it has been rigorously swept. Even so with coal soot, a high grade stainless steel liner might not last 10 yrs, even if it carries a transferrable lifetime warranty. The woodstove must have its own dedicated chimney so yes, the oil burner must vent separately. I would contact the mfr. of the oil boiler and burner to see if they have a problem with power venting. You can also contact Field Controls as they may already have some info. on power venting that boiler.

    You could install a separate listed factory chimney but that would cost a lot of money. Then again, any venting ain't cheap.

    Whomever performs the level II inspection can consult on the installation requirements for the stove including floor and wall protection, connector pipe and clearances to combustibles. Lastly, check with your insurance carrier. Some companies will drop you if you have a wood stove. Some might increase your premium but most don't care and allow them.

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