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Whining noise from burner after oil line replaced

Bob516 Member Posts: 1
After complying with The Mass oil line code (above ground oil line replacing underground oil line), my burner makes a high pitched (annoying) whining sound as it runs.  My oil guy ran a line approximately 50 feet AND my oil tank was pretty low (below 1/8 tank).  The run could have been shorter (diagonal shot fro tank to burner) but per my request, it was routed along straight line rafters, ie, NOT a diagonal run.  Hoping that it is the low oil tank, I'm having a delivery today.  What could be causing the noise and please tell me it is fixable!!!


  • Aaron_in_Maine
    Aaron_in_Maine Member Posts: 315
    Along the Ceiling

    Is the oil line on the floor or on the ceiling.  If it is along the ceiling there could be an obstruction in the fittings at the tank or the burner causing it the whine.  Was the filter and strainer changed at the time of the upgrade?  If not that could also be your issue. If it were me I would install a ultra-loop at the burner this would help with the noise and protect the burner.

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  • billtwocase
    billtwocase Member Posts: 2,385
    It happens

    I don't run overhead lines unless there is just no other way to do it, and at that point, I'd rather install an OSV at the tank, and use the line that is there, if it is worthy. The precoated copper lines are prone to vibration. They are stiff. I would make sure they have secured the line right, and add rubber where it comes in contact with wood, as it is a great amplifier of noise. As Aaron mentioned, dirty filters enhance the noise, and defective pump strainers can help to create it. If it was still cost effective, we used to use bare copper tubing, and run it thru liquidtite. Never a hum or whine
  • earl burnermann
    earl burnermann Member Posts: 126
    Is the noise steady from start to finish?

    Or is it quiet and builds over time. If it builds over time, even a short time, it is a restriction causing the vacuum to rise inside the pump. Next comes sputter, sputter then silence when the primary control fails.

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