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hi v alberta

anybody no anything about hi v system out of canada? high velocity looks like a spacepak or unico system. have they had problems with water leaking out of evaporator pan? i ran into my first one the other day and cut drain and flushed, pitched unit and it still seems to have a drip out of back corner of pan. the rep says you have to pump it down and take coil out and take it apart and check pan.i couldnt access inside really to see what was going on. any feed back or any problems with these would be appreciated.all you can see is a small part of pan in front cover area and has little hole channell for water to run from back to front drain thru evaporator coil.3 years old.  thx


  • alwayslearning
    alwayslearning Member Posts: 15
    take off back cover

    I had a service call yesterday regarding the same or similar situation.  Water was dripping from the coil housing.  I removed the back cover and took off the rail under the u-bends.  With a small flashlight, it could be observed that as the blower unit was running, condensate was being pulled from the pan.  This water was collecting/landing on the insulation on the "floor" of the coil cabinet.  The insulation was saturated to the point where water was dripping through the sheetmetal cabinet.

    Even though everything was level from the outside, the plastic condensate pan was tilted inside the cabinet.  I built a plastic shim about 3/8" thick and tucked it under the low spot.  The excess water ran out.  No more water was able to pulled into the airstream.
  • Techman
    Techman Member Posts: 2,144
    Hi v

    Is there a drain line trap?
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