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low voltage indication on our lochinvar knight boiler

GL Member Posts: 2
<span style="font-size:16pt"><strong>When we experience voltage blinks....the kind that make your clock radios start blinking 12:00....our boiler likes to give us a low voltage message.....it proceeds then to stop all need to heat water....if i shut power to the unit off, then turn it back on....it will say standby....then will operate normally once there is a call for heat.....i have had the boiler man over to no avail....any ideas freely accepted......george



  • Rellis
    Rellis Member Posts: 1
    low voltage indication on our lochinvar knight boiler

    The display should state Blocked - Low Voltage and stay blue.  This is an indication of a loss of voltage to the unit or a problem with the 24V transformer on the unit.

    When full voltage is restored the unit should come out of the blocked status by itself. 
  • kcopp
    kcopp Member Posts: 4,432
    this is one....

    of the reasons I stick a surge suppressor and in some cases a APC unit in the power stream before the boiler... I have lost a board or two due to power spikes. Most of us do this on our home computers... computers are less money than our heating systems.
  • icesailor
    icesailor Member Posts: 7,265
    Low Voltage:

    You're missing the most important fact here.

    If the clock radio is switching to 12:00, there was an interruption in power. What is happening to the boiler controls is a proper response to a loss in voltage. You need to figure out what is going on with the power to the house.

    I just got a call from an electrician this AM.

    I have a customer and for the last two years, I noticed that when the burner started, the lights in the crawl space became brighter for a few seconds. I told the owner that he had a power problem that needed to be addressed. Time has passed. I got an electrician to look at the problem. Last Fall, 2011, we/he had the power Co. out looking for a bad neutral. They had the meter pulled and the socket and buss bars were checked. Nothing was found. I suspected a nicked and taped buried secondary because the house was built before secondaries on the property had to be in conduit. A lot of digging was done by the town to get rid of water and a catch basin/field was installed.

    The issue grew worse this Spring and Summer. The dryer coming on would turn the lights bright. The electrician friend that I had work for the owner has done a lot of commercial work out West. He called me this AM to tell me that he had pulled the meter again which is not on the house but remote in the yard to service two buildings. The neutral connection was all rotten behind the bar where you couldn't see it and in trying to tighten the connections caused the bar to break apart. Problem found.

    I have personally seen water go up a service drop from capillary action and end up drippin\g all over a buss bar in a 200 amp panel, crudding up not only the neutral bar but the main breaker.

    You need an astute electrician to find out why you are having interrupted power episodes. In my opinion.
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