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Brand new AC compressor burns up three days after new replacement was installed

Brand new AC compressor burns up three days after new replacement was installed.

What could of caused this?

Here is the whole story sorry it's so long.

I have a exactly 5 yr old hvac unit in my home. the heat

pump/ fan motor under the house and a 2 ton(i think) ac unit outside. it uses

the 410a Freon in it. One night I came home and my house wasn't as cool as it

should have been. Checked the breaker and found that it was flipped so i

flipped it back on and 2-3 seconds it flipped back off. went to inspect the a/c

unit and the 3 prong plug was not connected and was black on both male and

female sides. Service tech came said the compressor was bad, but luckily under

warranty so just had to pay the shipping. He replaced it Thursday June 28 and

on Sunday night July 1 when I got home, same scenario all over again, flipped

breaker, 2-3 seconds it flipped back off. Only this time not only was the 3-prong

plug out, but Freon started spraying everywhere out in the yard. Tech said

lightning must of hit or something. Just now replaced the compressor again, but

said it needed to have acid away ran thru it first before he could charge it up

because it was acid that caused it.... So what do I really need to do cause it kind

of feels like I'm getting the run around?


  • Techman
    Techman Member Posts: 2,144
    edited July 2012

    What 3 prong plug?Volts,amps of plug? Exactly where did the freon escape from the system?
  • alwayslearning
    alwayslearning Member Posts: 15
    check plug

    I am wondering if your tech checked the molded plug for a short within itself.

    On a side note:  I have seen the area between the compressor spade connectors blow apart and refrigerant leak out there after a lightning strike.
  • Empire_2
    Empire_2 Member Posts: 2,343

    Now that's a dang shame.  The old compressor failed and a new compressor was installed.........?  Hummm?  I am sure the work order the tech. provided you with stated:,.. what happened, why it happened, complete details as to corrective measures and the final operational details as to the equipment operation after repair...  So his company has it in thair files.  Or,.. that's what I'd do if my name was on it.  So what does his work order say?  Just curious.

    As an addition, someone stated that, or asked if the tech checked the "plug"?  He had better have check EVERYTHING.........no excuses.:-)  I think we are talking about the compressor terminal block???


    Mike T.
  • Techman
    Techman Member Posts: 2,144
    edited July 2012
    3 days

    Oh!That PLUG!They don't become loose very easily,and you happen to have two in a row! Interesting! What is the status w/ the 3rd comp? How many (of us)  Tech's have used that AcidAway stuff? I never have. jcobb3,after the 1st comp was replaced, did you have cooling from  the AC for 3 days and then it failed? And the 2nd? The AC worked good for those 3 days?? The freon came out of the comp terminal block/plug?
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