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unico txv

im 99% sure this is the 410txv valve, but maybe someone on here could verify. i have the  mc2430hx. the unit was hooked up to a heatpump, by the original owner. I want to hook up to a 410 goodman ac only condenser.  numbers dont o the txv valve dont jive with my unico paperwork.  the numbers letters on the vavle are

45 zga



would this be ok to hook up to ac condenser only?



  • TechmanTechman Posts: 2,144Member

    The numbers you gave are the Sporlan # of the txv,not the Unico part #. If the AC only cond unit matches up to the BTU of the old H.P. then no problem.
  • polcat1ppolcat1p Posts: 28Member

    t have the old condenser paper work, but its for 2 models

    american standard



    maybe they had a 1-1/2 ton hooked up to the unico?

    i guess i could reserch sporlan.

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