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Compressor shut down

I have a unit thats shutting down , on high anbient conditions . Runs well , when we get to 100 ° F it trip the breaker.


  • TechmanTechman Posts: 2,144Member

    What is "circuit breaker ampacity "of the unit and what breaker is in the panel and what amps is the unit pulling?
  • EmpireEmpire Posts: 2,343Member
    Need some info

    Pressures and temps at 100* if possible.  Condition of contactor and electrical in general.  Amp draw on compressor and cond. fan.  All you are saying is it's broke at 100*, please fill in the blanks.

    Mike T.
  • EddieGEddieG Posts: 150Member
    Need more info.....

    As Empire said, need more info. Could be so many things. Amp draws and superheat/subcooling. Also capacitor weak? Outdoor fan motor going out on internal overload? Does the unit have a high pressure switch? Electrical connections tight? Proper wire size? May need hard start kit.
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