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service valves shut, condensor on

This was on new construction work, outdoor unit was placed before electrician wired unit with disconnect.

Just found out it was powered up before service valves are opened, maybe for a few days.

I'm hoping it tripped on pressure switch and everything is ok.

should I be concerned, what should I look out for?


  • Empire_2Empire_2 Posts: 2,343Member
    WOW, different...

    Since (inadvertently) the unit was started up, ran w/ factory charge w/ service valves front seated,...  You can expect a few things:  possible heat damage issues with electrical windings in compressor, possible valve damage, and An immediate void of warranty!!!  Even if it ran for 5 min.,...  Why did this happen?  Electrician wires unit and it' either has potential to come on by applying power or not, but the real issue is this will not happen if the control circuits are not completely connected (24)vac.  Until HVAC contractor finishes the circuit to bring this condensing unit on, it MUST remain disabled until (Say I) supervise the start up.  Only I can Engage the condensing unit (Period).  Line to the unit by Mr. Electrician OK, but I control it.  Not sure what happened and there is always an answer, but do not look towards the electrician from ANY angle.  I would try and perform start up procedures as usual.  See what happens.  This is only a scenario and anything could have happened.  Get to the bottom of the unfortunate situation then correct with everyone's input.  Something from the factory may have been wired incorrectly.  I've not seen it, but Errors occur.

    Mike T.
  • pipe4zenpipe4zen Posts: 108Member

    False alarm.

    I was mistakenly told condensor was running.

    Thermostat wire to air handler had a short , and air handler was on. AC condensor disconnect pull switch was off.
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