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high static pressure in a inclosed piping system

Helgy_3 Member Posts: 40
I know I know. Not a real exciting subject. When filling a glycol treated enclosed system. Is it any harder on the system pumps if the static ( no pump running) is at 20 psi vs. 80 psi. prior to system start up.

Wouldn't the system just be trying to create a delta P across the pump. I would not think static pressure high or low would make a difference. I do know that you need a minimum amount of static pressure.

I open to other theorys. Please weigh in.



  • Empire_2
    Empire_2 Member Posts: 2,343
    My thoughts

    I think you answered your own question.  Static fill pressure is only to raise water level in relationship the the PRV.  Not sure why you are getting such a high static, but like you said the pump itself will create its "Delta P" Just the same whether it's 20 or 80 psi.  Using glycol should not be a problem though pump sizing will very a little depending on your percentage of glycol in system.  Most of the time it's a non factor since most sizing have a "fudge factor" in the calculations.  If you put gauges in the suction and discharge, your Delta P will still be the same.


    Mike T.
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