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digital vacuum gauge and nitrogen regulator

I'm looking to buy a digital vacuum gauge. Since I'm using mostly Fieldpiece equipment I was thinking of getting the Fieldpiece AVG2 Vacuum Gauge Accessory Head. Does anyone here use this attachment? If so, how is it working out for you.

One other question. Does it really matter how much I spend on a nitrogen regulator? I see them for sale from $47.00 to over $100.00.


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  • RDSTEAMRDSTEAM Member Posts: 134
    FP standalone

    i have the stand alone unit made by fieldpiece. its a pretty decent piece of equipment.
  • meplumbermeplumber Member Posts: 678
    Vacuum gauge

    Nitrogen regulators are all the same in my opinion. I would invest in a flow meter for nitrogen to use when purging while brazing.

    As for vacuum gauge, I have a JB 22. It works, but then again, I don't do as much hands on as I used to. Most of my guys are moving to the BlueVac. This thing is the bomb. The key to vacuum is the hoses. Don't pull a vacuum through your manifold. And always use vacuum rated hoses.

    Good Luck.
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