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coil surface area...

Hi we have a rectangle chemical tank size 40 inch x 50 inch x 12 inch height. Capacity of 400 Liters. Specific heat of the chemical is same as water. Tank is fully insulated outside. Top is covered with lid. And inside chemical circulated continuously.

Starting temp of chemical : 86F

Operating temp of chemical  :176 F

Time required to heat the chemical : 2 hours.

We have to heat the chemical by hot water SS304 coil(1 inch OD, wall thickness 0.65 inch). Hot water temperature inside the coil is 195 F. Pressure 20 PSI.

Could you help me the required surface area for the coil, & the design of coil like helical or special design arrangement required.?


  • hot_rod
    hot_rod Member Posts: 22,261
    edited June 2012
    tough to calculate

    is the fluid in the tank moving? You get much better heat transfer if the fluid moves around the coil. if not the water stratifies and reduces the coil output as the fluid around it warms and reduces the ∆ t between the coil water and the tank water.

    Have you considered a flat plate heat exchanger. With two pumped flows, counterflow, you get some amazing transfer.

    Most plate manufacturers have sizing software at their site to run sizing examples. You will need to know type of fluid, source temperature, flow rates and amount of BTUs you have to drive the exchange.

    www.flateplate.com I think

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