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Volldampf Member Posts: 17
Hello All, We could really use some help and suggestions as we are thinking through our heating and hot water situation and what to do with it.

The setup is as follows:

The old part of our house gets heat from an oil-fired 1970s Peerless steam boiler (JOT-35-W-S). It is a single pipe steam system and we love how well it heats our house. This unit is also providing our hot water.

The newer additions to the house were heated by forced hot air from an oil-fired furnace, this unit was replaced several years ago. But a few years ago. we added a fireplace insert and use wood to heat that part of the house, since then, the furnace has not been needed.

The issues at hand:

- Big issue: An underground oil tank of advanced age that we want to have removed.

- Smaller issue: At the regular maintenance, the the service technician found the boiler's combustion chamber to be cracked. This is covered by the maintenance contract, but given the age of the unit, I believe the company might recommend a replacement instead.

The big deal is the underground oil tank, I want it out, remediation done as needed and return to peaceful sleep at night.

The big question to me is if this is the time to switch to gas? Our basement space is tiny and I don't see where a tank would fit in there, so a new tank would probably have to go outside some place, I am not sure what the pros and cons of that are, we are in Connecticut, so it does get cold. I know others around here do it, so I guess it's no problem?

On top of the tank issue, with the boiler needing repair and given its age, we wonder if it is nearing the end of its life and would need a replacement soon anyway and if now would be the time to take the opportunity to switch to natural gas, have the house hooked up and replace the boiler with a gas-fired one?

Personally, I have no problem with oil as a fuel. Growing up we mostly used gas and I am comfortable with using it. I read a lot about how gas is less costly as a fuel now and neighbors in our town who converted from oil to gas report significant savings. The idea to switch to gas is mostly driven by the fuel cost and not needing an oil tank.

So the options in my mind - all involving the removal/remediation of the underground tank - are:

- put in new oil tank somewhere outside and replace boiler's chamber if it's still got useful life in it?

- put in new oil tank somewhere outside and replace the boiler with a new one?

- hook up house to utility's gas supply and replace the boiler with a new gas-fired one to provide steam heat and hot water?

Please help us and suggest what we should consider in making this decision.
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