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Refinishing Recessed Steam radiators


   We've just bought our first home.  The house was built in 1930 and it has recessed radiators.  They all seem to work just fine but a couple of them squeal and make clicking noises from time to time.  Is there an easy fix for the squealing and clicking?

Also, although they work just fine, over the years, they've been painted and gotten dirty so they look pretty awful.  We'd like to strip them down to the original metal and restore them.  Unfortunately for us, we don't know how they work (ha!), so we don't know how to go about stripping them without interfering with their operation.  Does anyone have a manual (pictures would be great) on how these things work?  Or if not, does anyone know how to safely move these things from wall, strip, clean them, and then put them back? 

I've included pictures of two of the radiators in the home.  They all seem to be the same kind, just different sizes.

Thank you.


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