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condensate pan

i got a goodman aepf42 16seer air handler one year old that customer stepped on condensate drain and stressed pan connection which made a big crack. my question is on a horizontal set up and i need to change out horizontal pan can i swing out evaporator coil with piping still connected and not have to pump down and cut open system?i was thinking of loosening clamps and trying this first. goodman says i have to pull coil to get pan out as it sits in pan. i have done other styles by just wiggling the pan from under the coil and sliding it back under. so i am wondering if anyone has done this particular goodman before... thx


  • Empire_2
    Empire_2 Member Posts: 2,343
    edited May 2012
    Changing the pan?

    Not sure how someone stepped on the thing, so you are replacing primary or secondary pan?(never mind, I read thru)   Most line sets will give a little but only you can tell if it will be enough so no kinks or rupture of the lines.  Do this, pump down with only 2 to 4 psi left in the system so if you crack the lines, no harm done.  Just evac and open it back up.  Let us know the outcome.

    Mike T.
  • Paul_69
    Paul_69 Member Posts: 249
    pan deal

    thx mike i will. good advice on pumping it down first in case something goes wrong.i just dont want to start un brazing fittings if i can get eneough slack in line to  get coil to slide out eneough to get pan swapped out.people were climbing around moving junk and dropped or stepped on pvc pipe coming out of primary. again thx for the safety input.
  • Empire_2
    Empire_2 Member Posts: 2,343
    Just a thought.

    When doing this, I try not to unsweat fittings unless there is no other way around it.  I will cut somewhere else for a clean fitting even if I have to add another coupling.  Let me know how you made out.  Chances are that you will be able to pull it off with out major

    Mike T.
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