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Installation Plan - dual steam

JoeaMaine Member Posts: 2
We have two Peerless SC/06 boilers that were installed like a pair of hot water boilers and only one Safeguard 450 LWCO on each. The contractor, supplier and manufacturer's representative ignored the manufacturer's installation manual, SC8000R13,  and all recommendations of the publication, "Color of Steam".

We now have one boiler with 4 cracked sections and a system that operates so poorly that steam trap guys are advising us not to restore the operability of the steam trap system and remove the bucket trap the contractor installed in front of the CRT until the near boiler piping issues are addressed.

Does anyone have an Installation Plan, approved by Peerless, for a twin SC/06 installation?



  • Steamhead
    Steamhead Member Posts: 16,726
    The I&O manual is here


    but it doesn't cover multiple-boiler installations. Your best bet would be to contact Peerless.
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  • nicholas bonham-carter
    nicholas bonham-carter Member Posts: 8,576
    edited May 2012
    Dual boiler installation

    This link is for a 211a,, but the piping should be the same, page 20-22:


    Probably, the active boiler pressure blew water into the inactive one, and ran dry, but then why did the lwco not function?--nbc2
  • Rod
    Rod Posts: 2,067
    Dual Steam Piping Problems

    Hi- Where are you located?  We can see some pretty bad problems from the photos which makes us wonder what else is screwed up. Could you tell us more about your system. Does it have a condensate tank and pump?  I'm also wondering like NBC why did the one boiler fail?

    - Rod
    RDSTEAM Member Posts: 134

    that piping job is quite funny and sad at the same time. Is that really the equalizer in the middle??? without more pics can't really see the complete damage. were the sections that cracked towards the rear???
  • JoeaMaine
    JoeaMaine Member Posts: 2
    Installation Plan - dual steam

    located in Augusta, Maine.

    The near boiler piping arrangement is typical of a dual hot water boiler setup.

    These are Peerless SC/06.  Installation manual SC/8000. Commercial boilers of this size, not installed in municipal buildings or school houses, are regulated by the State of Maine Fuel Board ... not Boiler Board.  The Fuel Board does not recognize ASME Section IV, Heating Boilers nor CSD-1; but they had adopted CSD-1 during the  time of this installation.

    The Fuel Board recognizes only NFPA 31,  4.3.2;  boilers shall be installed per the manufacturer's installation manual. However, the Peerless manual uses the word, "suggested" in front of the reference to figs. 5 & 6 in the "Piping" Section on page 7. The Fuel Board will not enforce a manufacturer's suggested or recommended directions. As a result, they un-embarrassingly admit that no codes apply to the near boiler piping on this installation.

    My argument has centered on:

     1) the controls section of the manual, G, has no reference to suggestion and is prescriptive; yet only one Safeguard 450 was installed on each boiler and was used for LWCO and to close the feed pump circuit.  Fig. 7 lists a number of taps for level control and LWCO .... not installed per the manual. 

     2)  IF  NFPA 31, 4.3.2 provides that the instructions "shall include directions and information adequate for attaining proper and safe installation...."  .  The resultant installation does not result in a proper operation of the system, nor is it safe.

    I could use some help here ...  With no steam header, no dropped header, no traps on the boilers or a dropped header to take away wet steam and returning condensate from the steam supply line, the boilers where frequently flooded.  I had asked the manufacturer's representative, if flooded conditions are acceptable, why not give me 24" tall sight glasses so I could see how high over the boiler and into the steam supply line the water was?  No response.

    The Fuel Board has only acknowledged that CSD-1 was in  effect at the time of installation and that the contractor will be required to install a second LWCO.

    What input might this group have on several issues:

    1) is merely adding a second LWCO on tap "O" satisfy the Controls section of the installation manual?

    2) Dos the near boiler piping arrangement installed by the contractor result in a properly operating system?  IF not, why not?  The contractor also removed a thermostatic steam trap from a radiator on the 5th floor and installed a by-pass loop. Also removed the internals from several of the radiators and installed a nice big trap in front of the Condensate Return Tank.

    3) I want to develop a "Re-Installation" Plan.  The instruction manual does state that each boiler have a steam header of 4" (from ASME IV)  but does not address the sizing of the dropped header that combines the output of the two boiler for delivery to the steam supply line .... size?

    4) Does anyone have an Installation Plan for two of these units?

    Any suggestions?  I have a large amount of documentation on this issue. Just let me know what would be of assistance.


    In reply to question:

    Boiler #2 has never cracked a section. Boiler #1 had a cracked section in 2010 and 3 cracked sections now .... the three in from the rear.  My best guess is a common failure mode ... the failure of the Safeguard 450 on Boiler #1 to perform its intended safety function.... only one .. no redundancy and no separation of level control functions from safety functions ... poor practice. I asked a service tech last year to shut the water off to each boiler and test the functionality of the LWCO... #1 failed. It was removed, cleaned, reinstalled and tested.... I have no documentation to the effect that my direction was heeded ... remove, clean, test each LWCO as part of the annual maintenance.
  • Hap_Hazzard
    Hap_Hazzard Member Posts: 2,849
    Just a guess...

    but the swing-arms might not be long enough to be effective if the joints are really tight, especially since the risers are so short.
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  • Rod
    Rod Posts: 2,067
    Maine Steam Pro

    Hi- In Maine it isn't easy to find some one who is competent with steam heating.  There are a lot of people who think they are but in my experience few of them actually are.

    You might want to contact Ken Viger.  He has a lot of experience with steam and does very nice work.

    Ken Viger

    K&J Heating, Inc

    168 Lewiston Rd

    Gray, ME 04039

    (207) 415-0873

    [email protected]

    - Rod
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