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Grundfos pump

will smith_4
will smith_4 Member Posts: 259
Anyone have any idea as to where I can find info regarding a Grundfos pump model UPS 65 160? It's also tagged as a "8542 Dual", if that helps. The Grundfos site hasn't been much help so far.


  • kcopp
    kcopp Member Posts: 4,386
    find out...

    who your local Mfg. rep is....kpc
  • Steamhead
    Steamhead Member Posts: 16,714
    Never saw one like that

    are those 2-inch flanges? 
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  • will smith_4
    will smith_4 Member Posts: 259
    Grundfos pump

    They are 2 1/2" flanges. First time I've ever seen this type of pump. Our local rep is having a hard time getting info on it-apparently Grundfos changed their nomenclature about 8 years or so ago-just to keep things interesting, I suppose-and has made simple cross referencing not so simple. The number 1 pump failed mechanically about 3 months ago, and the number 2 motor failed electrically yesterday. I'm hoping to replace it with a B&G (parts are much easier to get here around Chicago), but so far I don't have any idea what the Grundfos ratings are in terms of GPM, HP, etc.
  • Henry
    Henry Member Posts: 996

    the 65 = 2.5inch 160 is high head. By paralleling the two series 80 motors, they get more gpm. If you put pumps in series, you get higher head ratings. I found the product in the Wincap Grundfos software. It shows all the parts available. The damn thing froze when I asked for the pump curve! It is a pump that is from the Japan sales region, three phase  200-230V, 145 PSI rating
  • SWEI
    SWEI Member Posts: 7,356
    operating costs

    How many hours a year does this thing operate?  Wilo makes a dual volute Stratos that could save a mountain of OpEx. http://www.wilo-usa.com/cps/rde/xbcr/us-en/Stratos_D_-_Brochure_04-11(2).pdf
  • kcopp
    kcopp Member Posts: 4,386
    I would be willing ...

    to bet you could do a smaller circulator. It is prob oversized. A magna 65-120 variable speed would prob work and save some $$ on operation.
  • Steve Thompson (Taco)
    Steve Thompson (Taco) Member Posts: 204
    History - from an old "X" GF guy

    This is an old 6000 Series dual volute- two pumps in one volute (I sold these back in the 80's).  Doubtful they will ever run together at the same time - probably set up for main/standby/alternating.  You might be able to replace the powerheads with the current VersaFlo but one issue is not having the ability to individually isolate each head.  Probably has metric flanges too.

    This would be an excellent application for our Viridian commercial ECM (a VR 30 - 3" ANSI single phase will handle this no problem).  Sorry for the sales pitch but it is an excellent product and would be a great solution - can stop myself from bragging a bit!
  • JGT
    JGT Member Posts: 1
    edited April 2012
    Old pump

    Hi, I work for Grundfos in the Kansas City office. I may be able to help you answer some of your questions. I posted this same response in another forum.

    FYI, the "8542" is a date code, indicating the year and week the pump was made. So, 8542 = 1985, Week 42 (mid-October). Nice to see that it survived for 27 years.

    These pumps don't have a lead/lag feature on them;the new MAGNA pumps have such capability. We also stopped selling the dual-head pumps several years ago (but I think they'll be coming back).

    Here is an approximate curve for the pump you have...hopefully this will help you find a suitable replacement. If you have specific application requirements (head, flow, etc.) then we can help you size one that may fit.


    - Joshua Talley
  • will smith_4
    will smith_4 Member Posts: 259
    pump adventures

    Thanks to all for trying to help me out-

    After much wailing and knashing of teeth, we ended up going with a Wilo Stratos D pump. Grundfoss was an adventure-found that currently listed curves for the pump aren't what the original curves were. They stopped making that pump at one point-then started making it again...but with different curves-and different overall dimensions.

    As per Wilo pumps...

    Be careful when you are choosing one. We wanted a dual 2x3-40, per their literature, based on their pump curve. It's a bit confusing, but the 2x3-40 doesn't really exist on it's own-it's actually (2) 1.5x3-40 pumps-yeah I know, I said "HUH?" more than a few times. Also-make sure that the pump you order is in fact ANSI sized-the very first pump we got was actually designed for a French application. The manual leaves a bit to be to be desired at this point as well. I will say that I found tech support (Keith) to be an excellent resource-very knowledgeable, forthcoming, and to the point. If you are looking to use a dual pump setup, bear in mind you will need interface modules for the master and slave pump.

    I'm looking forward to using Wilo on applications where we're looking for more than simply constant load-there are lots of bells and whistles that would be perfect for varying loads.

    Each one of the pumps we've got now has a max rpm of 4600, with only 1.8 running amps-and quiet as a church mouse.

    Time will tell as to reliability-anyone have any time in grade with these pumps?

    Thanks again for all your help-

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