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warranty compressor replacement

I have been running into a few bad compressor as of late.grounded comp and also one where they ran out of freon with no safety to take out the compressor.

I find it so funny to quote a price to replace a warranty compressor and hear that they have someone that can do it at half the cost.well not really, I seem to get it all the time.lol

Does anyone use a micron guage anymore? And if you do-do you know what you are looking for? Does anyone flush out and clean the system? Are dier replace and then recheck weeks later to see if there is a temp or pressure drop across them?Does anyone do a nitrogen purge when brazing anymore? Does one check superheat,subcooling or airflow to find the reason for why the compressor went bad? Oh where, oh where have the real refrigerant guys gone?

Why is it that people are always willing to pay twice to have something done wrong then they are to pay once to have it done correctly the first time?It a sad state of affairs to see that many people never learn even with being educated on the do and dont's.Rant over i need to find a new line of work.lol


  • meplumber
    meplumber Member Posts: 678
    I feel your pain

    This would be a great line of work if it wasn't for all the damn customers.
  • furnacefigher15
    furnacefigher15 Member Posts: 514
    good techs

    They've all gotten there primary business functions away from resi.

    Around me, in Chicago everybody's got a guy for this or that.

    But, for that 5 million btu burner, ddc controller, frequency drive, etc... they don't got a guy.

    That's the way I've gone, into the more specialized markets. Don't get me wrong, I like resi work. It's generally simple and strait forward, but it's hard to compete with dishonest hacks. The trouble is, many of the hacks know the business and advertising part of HVAC really well.

    Put a few patches on a button down shirt, fancy letters on the truck, wear shoe covers, but look at the ac unit to see why it broke, what for? Hell, they'll even send a really nice salesman out to sell them 5 tons on a 1.5 ton load house. Ask this company how long the lead tech has been there, and find out he's 3 months out of some unknown churn em out tech school.

    It drives me nuts. For most people short term cost is all that matters.

    People seem to think that buying an hvac system is just like buying a car, but we know it's not.
  • meplumber
    meplumber Member Posts: 678
    It's worn out already?

    I went to look at a boiler replacement the other day at a large maintenance facility. The owner seemed astounded that one of the boilers "already" needed replacement. The thing was 28 yrs old. I asked him if he still drove the same car that he did 28 years ago. He said no and didn't see the correlation.

    Now I know that we all have equipment older than that still running, but this old girl has had a rough 28 years.

    So I took my time. Did my due diligence and gave him an honest price. I thought the guy was gonna have a heart attack. "The old one didn't cost anywhere near that!'

    Well if you adjust for inflation, it did, but whatever. Damn customers.

    Sorry for the rant.
  • Empire_2
    Empire_2 Member Posts: 2,343
    Hi Don, It's been a while........How U been?

    Seems like all of the honest contractors/service/install tec's are stating the very same analogy.  I can only state to each customer that I refuse to take short cuts,  I solve the problem, and ensure complete, safe operation and how to prevent it from happening again, AND also tell them why the problem occurred.  If our price is too high, I can always have the person who cuts my hair take a look at it!  "She's a lot cheaper"! She cuts out the middle man..............?  Just kidding, but thought I'd make somebody smile.......


    Mike T.
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