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energy usage this winter .. (it is over now right??)

jpf321jpf321 Member Posts: 1,558
as some of you might recall .. this winter, I did things a bit differently .. I ran my heat-pumps during non-peak electric hours and my boiler during peak. as well, I had eTRVs installed on all rads and only heated the radiators that were below settemp. All temps were set at 70dF both years.

I started record keeping this season around 10/22/2010 .. as of today, below is my oil consumption usage.

OIL: 10/22/2011 - 3/26/2012

USED: 469.557 gals @ ~$3.50/gal

HDD: 3134.7 ( 65F daily, KLGA)

GAL/HDD: 0.149

COST: $1645

Electric: 10/21/2011 - 2/25/2012 (they read MARCH today I will update upon receipt of bill)

kWh: 5015

Cost: $829.17 ($0.16/kWhr)

COST OF eTRVs: $1200

TOTAL COST 2011/12: $3675

Previous year 11/1/2010-4/1/2011

USED: 1000 gals @ ~$3.35/gal

HDD: 3972 ( 65F daily, KLGA)

GAL/HDD: 0.252

COST: $3350

Electric: 10/21/2010 - 3/25/2011

kWh: 3527

Cost: $754.96 ($0.21/kWhr)

TOTAL COST 2010/11: $4104

SAVINGS by running eTRVS + Heat Pumps: $429

And the wife-comfort-meter this year was no different than last.

So my eTRVs paid for themselves ($1200) and I saved about $200 (assuming March electric is about $200). The cost of oil went up but my consumption dropped by ~40% (gal/hdd). Electric cost me only about $100 more than I would have spent had I not run the pumps. Yes the winter was much more mild (3972 HDD (2010/11) vs. 3135 HDD (2011/12)) .. but I still feel that I did pretty well with the way I ran things. Next year, there won't be the $1200 investment in eTRVs.

I hope this is interesting to someone. I'd love to get other people to share their stories of consumption this year.

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