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Taco 110b noise

JH_2 Member Posts: 57
Hi All,

Ive got a noisy circulator issue maybe you can help with.

Setup:  gas fired Burnham independence 1-pipe steam & Superstor ultra indirect for dhw.

A few years back you guys helped me get most of the kinks worked out of this system. One of the suggestions was to replace the iron 007 circulator feeding the Superstor with a bronze pump. So 2 years ago I put in a new Taco 110b.

I have been oiling the 110 once a year as per the instructions. Plain 30w oil, I put a few drops into each oil cup until they overflow. Probably takes less than a teaspoon of oil total.

2 months back the circ started to make a high pitch whine. Sounds more like a rubbing that the typical rattling noise of a bearing failure. So I oiled it a bit more and sure enough the noise went away.  Then today the noise started again and I oiled it again. The cycle finished before I could tell if it made a difference.

Now Ive oiled it 3 times in 6 months.

I turned the couple by hand with the power off and I don't feel any rough spots like you would with a bad bearing.

Any ideas whats up?  I'd be dissapointed if its the bearings or seals gone bad already as the replacement bearing frame is close to $180!!   Am I just not oiling it enough or using the wrong oil?

Thanks in advance,



  • billtwocase
    billtwocase Member Posts: 2,385
    edited March 2012
    you should

    only be oiling the bearing, and not the motor every time to start with, The bearing can spin freely, and still be bad, as in noise. Could also be  debris in the housing itself, impeller, etc. If you over oil the motor, you can plan on replacing it soon than you would normally need too. The bearing oil cup is closest to the piping, and that is what would need oiling, but generally twice a year is sufficient, unless the oil seal is allowing the chamber to empty. Is there an oil or water spot under the pump?
  • JH_2
    JH_2 Member Posts: 57

    ...for that info. I don't see any pool of oil or water but the old concrete  floor is stained all over so it could be dripping.  I put down some clean paper towel on the concrete floor below the circulator and will keep an eye on it for signs of leaking. 

    Thanks for the tip on motor life. So what exactly is the oiling schedule - twice a year for the bearing housing and yearly for the motor?
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