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30 PSI

MikeyD Member Posts: 1
The pressure is too high in my boiler so the pressure relief valve is opening and spurting out a little water. I bled the radiators and the pressure went back down. A couple days later it is back to 30 psi. Not really sure but does this mean my expansion tank is waterlogged? should I drain it? ...or just call a professional?


  • Paul Fredricks_3
    Paul Fredricks_3 Member Posts: 1,557

    Could be your expansion tank is full. Could also be that the water feeder that let's water into the system is leaking by. Could also be a problem with your hot water coil or indirect water heater, depending on what you have. When in doubt, call a pro!
  • KCA_2
    KCA_2 Member Posts: 308
    Might also be...

    That the expansion tank  is charged to high..

    I went out on a service call where the boiler was doing the same thing...  The home owner had the expansion tank replaced a few months prior...  It was a domestic tank...  they come precharged at +- 55 psi...  and the installer never checked the pressure  he just installed it..    It's a good tank to use...  it won't rust...  but the pressure needed to be more in line with the system so I lowered it to +- 18psi & the boiler was fine after that...

    It's not likely the problem but it could be so might as well consider it...

      :-)  KCA

     Hope that I helped
    :-) Ken
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