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selecting a new boiler

Bobbyd2727Bobbyd2727 Member Posts: 27
I currently have a forty year old Dunkirk cast iron boiler with a beckett high speed burner and a indirect water heater.  I'm using about 1100 gallons of oil a year.  I have 3 zones of baseboards one is for a finished basement that hardly goes on.  I'd like to upgrade to the most efficient system.  What would be the best system?  Are mod/con's easily serviceable?  If so whats the best one.  Will it be worth it to switch.  Any input would be greatly appreciated!! 


  • billtwocasebilltwocase Member Posts: 2,385
    Is this

    the same thread as on the main wall posting? You are in the oil section, so it will be hands down new, clean, efficient oil fire boiler. That is my recommendation, but that will differ on here
  • Bobbyd2727Bobbyd2727 Member Posts: 27
    shut out of gas conversion

    I found out today that because I have a natural gas pool heater my utility company will not provide the piping.  It will be ridiculously expensive to bring a line 150 ft. from my pool to the house.   I've always had oil and really don't mind the yearly tuneups and every two or three years a service call.  Since I've always had a service contract the service calls are covered.  At this point I feel its time to upgrade the heating system.  So since its going to be oil I would just like an opinion on what type of system would be the best in terms of fuel savings but also reliability.  I was looking at the system 2000 a year ago but it seemed that only one oil company in my area knew how to service them.
  • billtwocasebilltwocase Member Posts: 2,385
    that would be my suggestion

    the sad part is, the EK 2000 is an American made boiler with American parts. If there is on one company in your area that knows how to work on them, I would not recommend something European. I would hands down go with the EK.
  • Robert O'BrienRobert O'Brien Member Posts: 2,939
    I'll disagree

    I would go European!
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  • billtwocasebilltwocase Member Posts: 2,385
    gotta diagree Rob

    My thinking is that if they can't work on Beckett, Carlin, what damage will they do to a Riello and a Logomatic?
  • Robert O'BrienRobert O'Brien Member Posts: 2,939
    Riello,a problem?

    Use an NX,vastly superior to Riello in a 115 anyway! Logamatic is a non issue,if you want it use it,if not as long as you use some type reset the results are the same in most applications
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  • Robert O'BrienRobert O'Brien Member Posts: 2,939
    Riello,a problem?

    Use an NX,vastly superior to Riello in a 115 anyway! Logamatic is a non issue,if you want it use it,if not as long as you use some type reset the results are the same in most applications
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  • ChrisChris Member Posts: 3,056

    No matter your choice boiler for oil must be a 3-pass type boiler. Burnham MPO is also made in America but that is one nice job Bob.
    "The bitter taste of a poor installation remains much longer than the sweet taste of the lowest price."
  • billtwocasebilltwocase Member Posts: 2,385
    I bet

    They would have even more fun with an NX. 
  • Ron Jr.Ron Jr. Member Posts: 527
    edited February 2012
    I will wholeheartedly agree

    the NX runs alot better in the Buderus . Had quite a few issues getting our handful of 115 - Riello combos to run right .

    Buderus is a great unit . But my vote is with Bill  . If you ask me what I'd want in my own home , The EK System 2000 is it . Highest efficiency , according to Brookhaven National Labs ( even compared to gas mod cons ) , drop down burner door for extremely easy cleaning , built in control for 5 zones ( with priority for hot water and post purge for each individual zone ) ,  and the quietest oil boiler I've had the pleasure to install .
  • billtwocasebilltwocase Member Posts: 2,385
    I agree also

    but if his guys can't master an AFG, anything else they would have to become rocket scientists. I prefer NX on the blue boiler also. Riello is a great burner, they are just too finicky on them. Once they are dialed in, they do OK. I also have some with Carlin EZ-1's. Another great burner, just not a perfect match either. All that said, I still like the circular combustion EK for reliability and they're as quiet as a mouse.
  • Bobbyd2727Bobbyd2727 Member Posts: 27
    system 2000 longevity

    I,ve read a few posts that seem to have owners complaining of problems with the main circuit board and the heat exchanger getting clogged.  Also some techs say that the performance decreases after 10 years and usually it would have to be replaced after 20 years!!  Unlike good cast iron boilers on the market which should last closer to 40 years.   I certainly don't want problems for a very expensive installation. and want a long lasting superior product.  How does the Peerless Pinnacle or Burnham MPO, or Weil Mcclain Ultra match up?
  • Paul48Paul48 Member Posts: 4,256
    First Off

    I wouldn't hold my breath, expecting forty years out of any boiler.I read an article, not too long ago, about mod/cons in the U.K.. They expect to replace their boilers every 5-6 years. I don't know why that is, but I would think a realistic expectation for any boiler would be 20. With the advancements in technology, in 20 years, what you have now, becomes a dinosaur. Again, I am talking about expectations. Remember, the most expensive car in the world, can and will have problems. The problems will be substantially more expensive to fix than a similar problem on a Chevy. Good Luck
  • billtwocasebilltwocase Member Posts: 2,385
    most important

    is preventative maintenance. I have an EK in my customer base, one of 2, that are 1979 units. The first generation was grey in color. It still has most of it's original parts, including the System Manager. The aquabank was replaced 6 years ago. They do need a chamber or a backboard/pacman along the way, and there again, depends on the gorilla that over tightens the back cover. The efficiency has not dropped off. Both are running non-toxic antifreeze, as they are seasonal homes. They have made slight improvements, digital manager for one, but I don't feel as though they are obsolete. Most parts and theory have remained the same. If it aint broke, why fix it? I will install whatever the customer wants, as long as the money is there when I am done. The EK is not my only top choice, but if noise level comes up during the tire kicking process, it gets my vote.
  • R ManninoR Mannino Member Posts: 422
    System 2000

    is the quietest by far.................but I still like my G115's.

    The System 2000's all look the same............................
  • billtwocasebilltwocase Member Posts: 2,385
    you're selling yourself short

    all your jobs look great, so what if they all look the same? It's the end result that matters. 
  • Charlie from wmassCharlie from wmass Member Posts: 3,923
    I say find a good installer

    and install the most efficient boiler that is practical for your system. If your oil guys can not handle an AFG then you need a new heating contractor to install and service your boiler. I like my Trio boilers from F.W.Webb for hot water. But I install other brands as much as them to suit what the job calls for.
    Cost is what you spend , value is what you get.

    cell # 413-841-6726
  • Mac_RMac_R Member Posts: 117
    Installer all the way

    Having the right person install your equipment is just as important as the equipment they are installing.  You can install the best boiler in the world (Buderus GB125BE) and if you don't have someone who knows how to pipe a SYSTEM not just the boiler, then you are no better off than you were before.  I see it time and time again.  Customer " I just had a new boiler installed and I am not saving money."  I look at the system.  Change a few pipes around and replace the circulator with a Delta T pump and now they save 20%.  Do you know what the sad thing is?  The money they just spent to have me fix the "new" system plus what they spent on the install just added up to a Buderus.  I am happy to see you are doing your homework.  I just wish more people would. 

    Some recommendations.

    use a Delta T circulator.  It will adjust the flow rate in the system to what is needed to heat the house. Don't use a Delta P or a three speed pump.  The do have their applications.  Just not for most systems.  Flow rate is calculated by

    Load/ (Delta T * 500)  No where in that formula is pressure. 

    Please use some kind of temp reset.  You can use outdoor reset or temperature compensation devise like the AquaSmart.  The savings are worth it.

    Condensing is good.  Just make sure it is installed correctly. 

    After the job is done can you please post photos.  Love to see what you went with.

    Good luck.
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