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vacuum breaker

RJRJ Member Posts: 483
Peerless boiler, low press steam 2 psi  1 pipe.  System has Hoffman boiler feed pump.  The vacuum breaker on the boiler failed, boiler was in a vacuum, water level dropped, the boiler feed control had turned on the pump but water would not go into boiler ?   After replacing vacuum breaker problem went away. I think I forgot what was going on here. Any ideas would be appreciated.  29 hp boiler / 50 gal boiler feed



  • oh for gravity return

    with gravity return, there is no problem with vacuum breakers or traps; and also no pumps, or electricity needed. can you convert back to the old way?--nbc
  • Tim_HodgsonTim_Hodgson Member Posts: 59
    vacuum breaker

    I am a little stumped. I normally see vacuum breakers stick and the boiler will go into a vacuum as the steam condenses. At this point the the boiler vacuum sucks the water out of the boiler feed tank without any help from the pump. This often leaves my boiler overfilled.

    Good luck,

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