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Prestige Excellence vs. Prestige Solo + Indirect

Don't want to stir up the usual hornets nest with this type of question but rather than personal anecdotes I would like to hear some logical arguments with real numbers.  I would like to quantify the energy consumption as much as possible to make a good decision.  The ability to dump lots of hot water at once is not important for me because I only have two showers in the house and would most likely use low flow shower heads.

Heat Source = Natural Gas

Prestige Excellence (110) has 14 gallon built in indirect tank

Presige Solo (110) with Indirect would be a 50 gallon tank

Assume 3 fifteen minutes showers within a 2 hour window in the morning

Dishwasher run nightly

Usual hand washing and washing machine for a family of 3

Boiler would be located directly under bathrooms so very short run of hot water

Any other variables to consider?  What would be your recommendation?

Thanks in advance!


  • bob eck
    bob eck Member Posts: 930
    PE vs PS

    There are pros and cons for both of these units.

    I Have a PE110 in my house and never run out of domestic hot water. The 14 gallon stainless steel indirect in this model makes enough hot water to run shower after shower after shower just like a tankless gas water heater. If you install 1.5 GPM or 1.6 GPM shower heads you should be able to run two showers at one time. The thing I look at with the PE110 boiler and built in SS indirect water heater is if it leaks it will not be easy to replace it plus the warranty is only 10 years on SS IDWH.

    The PS110 boiler and Smart 40 or Smart 50 is plenty big enough for the average house doing only showers and the Smart series has a limited life time warranty on the tank. When you use PS110 + Smart 40/50 there will be two circulators running and that will cost you more money than running only one circulator with the PE110 boiler unit.

    I do not think ther will be much difference in energy savings between the two systems.

    No matter what way you go you will have a great system.
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