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Changing blast tube lenght

I may be in the market for a new Riello burner. Mine is 25 years old and needs some major repairs, blast tube and motor. I see that burners come with different length blast tubes. I have an 8 inch now but because of the burner location a shorter tube would fit the boiler room better. Could I replace an 8 inch with a shorter 5.5 inch assuming I replace the complete unit and a shorter tube would not cause maintenance interference problems?


  • ChasManChasMan Posts: 459Member
    My Understanding.

    My understanding from reading Beckett documentation intended for retrofit applications is that you should choose the burner tube length to match your application (insertion depth). So, I say go for it. Probably best to keep it as short as possible anyways, all else being equal. Pensotti uses the USBT in one of their boilers.
  • Jason_13Jason_13 Posts: 297Member
    Tube length

    I would not change the length. I know some of the manufacturers have had problems with Riello and the only change Riello had to make was tube length. I do believe it may be more of an issue with positive draft boilers as opposed to negative draft boilers.
  • ChasManChasMan Posts: 459Member
    Would be more comfortable..

    Would be more comfortable lengthening it than shortening it.

    What boiler is this for?
  • riellomikeriellomike Posts: 2Member
    boiler type

    The boiler is a Utica Starfire 2 without the swing out door running a .65 nozzle. 91K btu.
  • ChasManChasMan Posts: 459Member
    Can't see..

    Can;t see a manual for it. I think the boilers that needed a longer tube were Buderus and they only did that when they changed their insertion depth. The starfire doesn;t run positive pressure so there shouldn't be an issue using a shorter tube if you maintain insertion depth. But then, crazy things can happen.
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