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Ideas on indoor temp control opions

clammyclammy Posts: 2,257Member
Well the set up goes like this .9000 sq ft home ,all baseboard with each room having a thermostat and a taco zone valve with a purge valve under the baseboard cover(haydon baseboard nothing speical and excellent to bleed) There are no end switch tie in to the boiler.The system piping is a 2 inch supply with mono flow  tees it is not a single loop there are 2  1 1/2  and 1  11/4 returns .There is a single 3/4 hp b&g series 60 pump .The boiler and pump run off a honeywell outdoor sensor which turns it on at 70 degrees and the whole shebang runs balls out till it is over 70 and then shes off,cool set up .Being the whole basement is finished aside from the boiler room area.I was thinking of installing some wireless remote thermostats and have them cycle the boiler instead of running straight out .Running wires off the existing remote zone valves would be a huge PIA and a mess.The boiler is piped straight through and could use a major piping up grade like a outdoor reset /primary secondary piping  and possiblable another boiler and staging controls.It is totally amazing this is in a very hi end developement  and these home go for about 10 mil and up  the workmanship was a train wreak i could not believe the mechincal room .I know the guys gas bill must be about 1500 bucks a month in mild weather and the boiler room is  a sauna.Sorry for the rant but whats the thoughts on wireless stats for my purpose .Peace and good luck clammy  
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Mahwah, NJ
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