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AIr exchange reduction from Blower door tests.

I have read about Blower door tests on the web and not much specifics as to what cpne can expect there.

So ,  a few pointed questions to those who know..

What sort of Air exchange would one normally expect form typical late 1960's ranch if the obvious holes visible  were all plugged?  IE. a;ll penetrations have been sealed as well as the plumbing and wire penetrations and stack pipe and such and chimney chases.

Have not gone and sealed the cellar sills and band joists yet or the attic partition walls etc.  The cracks are all present there.  Have caulked all noticeable air leakage spots in baseboard in living space.  Have done the bathroom fan openings to sheetrock but not yet all of the electrical boxes.  Doors are decent weatherstripped and windows reasonably tight with orig Pella Double pane wood windows.

Any guess what sort of reduction once band joists and sills and attic partition walls and the rest of the metal electrical boxes were sealed that we might see?

Also, You often hear that cellulose resists air infiltration better than fiberglas and that adding cellulose on top of existing glass in attic yields benefits.  Would that likely reduce infiltration losses and by what sort of amount.  Just a guestinate.  And what sort of cellulose layer would one need to add?

Also what sort of benefit might be seen if we strip of the siding and caulk the plywood , and tape it and tyvex it and then add 2 inches foam and reside?  Just infiltration losses benefit needed. Figuring on conuduction losses are easy...  Figuring out what sort of infiltration benefit is not .

Any guess as to what sort of numbers we would see?
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