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Better to cap or vent?

I have a one-pipe stem system in my house. For some reason there was a radiator in one of the closets. The house was built in 1926 so it's possible this walk in closet was part of a larger room. I removed the radiator since I didn't need to heat a closet space. I currently have a vent on that pipe. My question is would capping it versus venting adversely affect the heat in the rest of my house. All of my radiators heat pretty well already. Is there any benefit to capping that run, which is on the 2nd floor. Thanks in advance for your opinions.   Pete (NJ)


  • Rod
    Rod Posts: 2,067
    To Vent or Not to Vent? ..that is the question!

    I'm guessing the the correct answer is: "It depends...."  There may be no adverse problems at all. Having a vent or no vent, would only affect the radiators that are /were attached to that particular pipe. The easiest thing to do would be to remove just the vent and install a pipe plug in its place and then see if it makes any difference with the other radiators.

    Make sure that the steam system is off and the system cool and has no steam in the piping before you remove the vent and plug the vent hole.

    - Rod
  • Paul Fredricks_3
    Paul Fredricks_3 Member Posts: 1,557
    I'd say

    Why vent a pipe that's not doing anything? It may help the main vent a bit, but it will also use precious fuel to vent air out of a pipe that won't be heating anything. There will also be some moisture coming from that vent and depositing on whatever is in that closet. I say cap it.
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