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Peerless MWW-55-WC leak, fixable?

My grandfather has an old boiler at the farm that has failed. More accurately, split. I barely know how to work my own current hvac and water systems, but always eager for a new challenge. When we removed it and forced water in with a hose it came spraying out the full length of the crack. So if one or more of you experts could take a look at the attached images and tell me if this is fixable, and if it is how could it be done? It would be a breeze to drop weld along it, but I doubt that is what you will suggest. Thanks much.


  • icesailor
    icesailor Member Posts: 7,265

    It isn't "fixable" by welding. Although that may work for you, I've never seen it work for anyone else.

    The best "fix" is to slide another boiler in place of that one and connect it up.

    Unless there is something that you haven't shared, it is highly unlikely that the boiler "froze" and split. A lot of other things would have frozen and split before this happened. Unless the heat went off and the whole system was very cold, and the boiler was started and got hot, then the water started to flow, and "cold shocked" the boiler. Causing a split. I've never personally seen it happen although they all say it will happen.
  • Grandpas_Helper
    Grandpas_Helper Member Posts: 2

    Ok, so replacing the unit is the way to go. Thanks. Since freezing water is an unlikely cause, what would be another possible culprit?
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