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I need a booster heater for my dishwasher

We have had someissues lately with my dishwasher not working very well.  We had a servcie tech come to inspect the machine and he said that the machine wasnt broken, but that it appeared as though it wasnt gettign hot enough water.  Turns out he was right...my hot water tank is quite far form the DW, on teh opposite side of the house with at least 50-60 feet of pipe between the 2.  We have been running the hot water until its hot before turning on the DW, but i would prefer to put in an alternative, permanent fix.  I was told that i should get an electric booster heater, but so far i've found soo many different types, i wanted to get some input/help.  Since my countertops are granite, i dont want to have a spigot by the faucet, rather im just loo0king for the DW to get enough hot water to finish and cvlean my stuff.  Can some recommend a unit that is slim enough to fit under a sink and easy to install?



  • MikeG
    MikeG Member Posts: 169
    How old is the dishwasher

    Don't most dishwashers have a boost capability built in to sanitize the dishes?  That feature may not help you if you still have to run and wat a lot of hot water to just do the regular cleaning.  It may be easier and more cost effective to replace the entire unit.   What about an on demand recirculating system to so you at least don't waste water.  Is it possible or are the pipes insulated on the long runs.  Just some thoughts.  I am one of the dishwashers in my house.   Mike
  • billtwocase
    billtwocase Member Posts: 2,385
    how about

    a recirc line? You must have to run the kitchen faucet for some time to get your hot water. Might be the way to go if there is access to the piping down below
  • John_141
    John_141 Member Posts: 54
    Booster or recirc line

    My dishwasher doesn't have a booster that I know of, but I'll see if I can verify. I do have the long pipe runs insulated with foam, and I do have access to the water pipes as the basement ceilings unfinished. I don't know much about either a stand alone booster or a recirc line, but having extra plumbing and pumps installed sounds pretty expensive. The dishwasher only takes a few gallOns of water so the booster only needs to be a small unit, I've seen the for between 60-200, but most require dedicated circuits. That's why I came here I don't know what to do.. Thanks for the Input so far though
  • John_141
    John_141 Member Posts: 54
    i dont think a recirc system will work...

    i found a few other posts on here about recirc systesm and did some research this morning...i dont think this will work for what i need really.  I'll try to explain.

    I need something that will give my dishwasher the hottest water it can get when the dishwasher needs it...a retrofitted recirculating system like the ACT one requires you to press the button to turn on the recric pump.  this would work for the initial start of the dishwasher, but someone would have to be there for each part of the DW cycle when the machine pumps out the dirty water and takes on new hot water...not really ideal.

    Ideally i am looking for something that can give my dishwasher instant hot water for each part of the cycle, i dont even know if a tankless on demand system will work for me...

    i was under the impression that the small electric tankless system could be plumbed directly to the dishwasher feedline; from what i see under the sink, a separate hard line is connected to my DW from the Hot Water supply.  I figured i would have that line removed and connected form the tankless heater to the dishwasher so that when the dishwasher opens its valve to accept hot water, it gets it directly from the tankelss heater. 

    the best option may be to get a better diswasher...but i still would like to know if its possible to acheive what i need with a small tankless electric heater.  ive seen several units for only a couple hundred or less, whereas a really good dishwasher will liley cost close to $1000...

    my DW is a thermador DWHD43CS, its only about 5 years old.  the thinkg that is really irking me is that we are only now experinceing this problem, for the last few years we never had an issue...maybe the DW is actualy broken.  :(
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