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Stainless Liner Sizing

Brent H.
Brent H. Member Posts: 142

A couple of months ago I had a Buderus G115WS/3 installed with a Riello burner. I've noticed a couple things I'm hoping you guys that work on these on a regular basis can enlighten me on....

The system is running good but is a bit louder than my previous New Yorker/Beckett system. Most of the noise I notice is from the chimney, the noise from the actually unit running in the basement isn't bad. I understand that it is a positive pressure burner so it will run louder but was wondering if the stainless liner is making it worse. Also, the liner is 5" while the install manual seems to recommend a minimum of a 6" liner. The run from the basement to the top of the chimney is 30'. What size liner should be used?

Also, when running, I notice a plume of white smoke from the chimney. Is this common with the triple pass boilers?

Many Thanks.



  • STEVEusaPA
    STEVEusaPA Member Posts: 6,270
    I'm on the fly....

    so I don't have my book, but someone will chime in with the right numbers.

    First of all, what size nozzle is in the Riello.  Liners are usually sized based on the firing rate (in otherwords, " will handle up to 'X" amount of BTU'S).

    It normally would be louder, but a liner should make it quieter.  Are you sure something is not vibrating (flue pipe, liner) against other components?

    Smoke.  How much white?  Like as normal as the other houses in the neighborhood, especially when it's cold, or......we have elected a new pope, white?  Whats the stack temp going into the liner?  What kind of stuff/colors, do you see when you look into the draft regulator, or remove the flue pipe?
  • Brent H.
    Brent H. Member Posts: 142
    Standard Setup

    The burner is factory setup for the boiler with a .60x60 nozzle. Gross output of the boiler is 85K.

    I'll have to watch to catch one of the neiboring houses and see what is coming out of their chimneys. Most of the houses were build in the last 15 years and I'm sure probably have a contractor boiler, I highly doubt any have triple pass boilers.

    I did take a look at the underside of the chimney cap and it is clean so there is no soot collecting at least.

    I wonder if some of the noise is caused by all the ripples in the flexible/corregated liner.

  • STEVEusaPA
    STEVEusaPA Member Posts: 6,270
    The way I read the manual

    5" is fine. I think the noise, without hearing it, is due to some vibration somewhere. A Riello is almost always quieter. And adding a liner also usually makes things quieter. You could use a stethoscope and hunt for the noise
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