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Existing header re-pipe

Any opinions on re-piping this existing header? I am considering this because of how the branch tee's are laying on their side, my thinking was too rip out the old and rebuild the header with branches off the top per manufacturers specs. It is a 2 pipe vapor system. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Here are some pics 


  • gerry gill
    gerry gill Member Posts: 3,010
    yes repipe it.

    It will probably be easier for you to repipe it than to try to work with whats there..does that water heater in the background actually vent with that much conductor pipe? maybe its a distance illusion.
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  • dgordon
    dgordon Member Posts: 7

    for confirming, really didn't want to pipe to the existing. The water heater was there when we got there, nice install eh? (:  I'm sure we will be addressing that as well. I'm kinda going in blind on this as the original contractor had the old boiler removed before I got there. From what I gathered it is a Trane 2 pipe vapor system, with rad. valves made by William S Haines Co., and traps I can't identify. Have you ever seen the name before?

    Thanks again
  • Re-pipe or re-use

    Re-piping would allow you to re-route the hot water heater vent, and to cut out that old gate valve, which can be a headache later (in my experience).

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