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Oil Furnace not cycling without reset button pushed

Brian66 Member Posts: 1
All of a sudden my oil furnace will not restart without haveing to go and push the red reset button.  It will run it's full cycle but won't restart without some help.  This problem just started happening today.  I have had the furnace for over 10 years.  I'ts been serviced yearly, however this year I haven't called yet. 


  • icesailor
    icesailor Member Posts: 7,265

    Sounds like its time to call for service.

    The control is doing its job. Stopping the flame cycle when there is no flame. The causes are too many to list and go from changing the filter(s), nozzle, strainer and doing a complete brush and buff to changing the primary control.

    That red button doesn't come up for no apparent reason. It is locking out on "Safety" for your safety. If you ask this question here, you probably don't have the skills or equipment to fix it. If you do try to fix it, you MAY make it worse.
  • Jean-David Beyer
    Jean-David Beyer Member Posts: 2,666
    If you ask this question here, you probably don't have the skills or equipment to fix it.

    I used to have an oil burner. Beckett. My service company made it very clear that if the boiler does not start, I should push the red button one time only. If it does not start then, call them. If you push it more than once, you will get oil building up in the combustion chamber. If it starts then, you may have many different reasons to regret it, some of them expensive.

    For my old boiler, this button popped only when the high voltage transformer gave out, which was about every three years. At some point, they replaced the big transformer with a tiny solid state unit and it worked until I replaced the entire boiler.
  • Mac_R
    Mac_R Member Posts: 117

    icesailor is right.  If it is kicking off on safety perhaps it is not safe to run?  Just because you have flame does not mean the system is working.  I have had to clean to many systems because of button pushers.  That is not your button.  It is mine.
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