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radiant loop

bauer Member Posts: 65
thanks for all the help so far on the addition of a simple radiant loop for my bathroom...

I've got what hopefully is one last question. I am keeping my bathroom loop simple - basically doing what dan illustrates in one book by tapping off of a supply line, into a 3-way mixing valve, circulator pump, through the radiant heat, and back to the original baseboard loop.

My question is, my main heat is set up as a direct return system --- so on my return line from my radiant heat, should I tie it back into the supply line I initially pulled off of (with a closely spaced T), or should I pipe it to the return line.... hope that makes sense.

My initial thought would be to pipe it to the return line to send it back to the boiler - but since there is a second circulator on the radiant system, would that disrupt the main circulator for the baseboards down the line?


  • bauer
    bauer Member Posts: 65

    i should add that this radiant loop will be powered by a circulator that is tied into the main circulator.... so there will never be a time when the radiant is on/baseboards are off or vice versa.
  • furnacefigher15
    furnacefigher15 Member Posts: 514
    use a close tee

    Also use a separate pump control, but wire the low voltage in parallel to the first if simultaneous operations are desired.
  • bauer
    bauer Member Posts: 65
    any reason?

    what would be the harm in piping the return to the main return in this case? Just curious...

    and won't piping with a tee possibly create cold radiators down stream?
  • furnacefigher15
    furnacefigher15 Member Posts: 514

    If the water does not go back where you take it, you'll through off the flow too much to the baseboard loop.
  • Gordy
    Gordy Member Posts: 9,514
    edited December 2011

  • bauer
    bauer Member Posts: 65
    makes sense

    thanks... that makes sense.  i'm a little concerned that appx 100 degree water is going to be following downstream to another radiatior... but I guess the flow of the radiant loop is small enough (less than 1gpm) that it should mix with enough hot water
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