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What is the slowest straight went out there?

malexmalex Member Posts: 106
I have one of those retrofitted radiators with a sheetmetal front and fin-tubes inside in a small bedroom. It gets very hot quickly but doesn;t hold the heat as the cast iron radiators. I don't want to turn it off so I want to went it as slowly as possible and use an additional heat source if necessary to keep to room warm when this radiator stops giving off heat. It uses a straight connection and I actually have a brand new hoffman 41 laying around. Is that any good? I have Gorton 4's on half of my radiators and 5s/6s on the other so preferably I would have went that is even slower than the 4's.

Any suggestions?


  • crash2009crash2009 Member Posts: 1,484

      I have ordered straight Gorton D's from them.  They likely have the slower ones as well.  Gorton #4 is pretty slow.
  • Long Beach EdLong Beach Ed Member Posts: 700
    Hoffman 41

    When we want a radiator to vent slowly, we use Hoffman 40 or 41's. 

    Gerry and Steve's research show the Gorton #4 to vent even more slowly.  According to their research, the Gorton #4 would be the slowest.

    They are both very good quality vents.
  • malexmalex Member Posts: 106
    I will try the Hoffman 41

    I know not to throttle the valve to get less steam but are there any other tools of the trade to slow down/reduce the heat a radiator gives off?
  • Long Beach EdLong Beach Ed Member Posts: 700
    Thermostatic Valve

    You can place a thermostatic valve on the vent, with a remote room sensor.  The valve would only open the vent when the room drops to a set temperature. 

    Danfoss makes such a valve, but be prepared with lots of cash to buy it. 
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