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G115WS Direct Vent

Tim P._3
Tim P._3 Member Posts: 50
Sell sheet for the G115WS/4 says it has a 0.80 firing rate in a direct vent application.  Riello BF5 manual only lists the older G115/xx series.

Got the tech bulletin from Buderus.. it only lists chimney vent for the G115WS series and is showing setup for a 0.90 firing rate.

Had the supply house call the rep.. rep says "burner is set for that boiler" and has no idea what the nozzle should be. Riello box is labeled in marker "G115/28". Ugh.

Anybody set this unit up direct vent?  I'm guessing it will be a Del 0.65 @ 145, but still amazed the info is not furnished with the unit.  Will be calling 1-800 tomorrow to get a straight answer...

Also, against better judgment got the Field Controls FT4.. half the parts were missing (back plate, *instructions*, sealant), but did have a nice packout list saying everything is in the box.

What a fiasco.. had to vent (pun intended).


  • meplumber
    meplumber Member Posts: 678
    I feel your pain.

    The bone heads that these companies have working at their warehouses nowadays are worse than the fry cooks at McD's.

    Recently got three boxes of nozzles. About half of them were the wrong nozzle in the tube. I called to complain and the wholesaler admitted to me that one of his boneheads had spilled a bunch and the idiots just started putting them in the closest tube.

    You pay peanuts, you get monkeys.
  • Tim P._3
    Tim P._3 Member Posts: 50
    the saga continues

    It just keeps going..

    I was invoiced for a BF5, but got a BF3.  Luckily that is the correct burner for the application.

    I've got to say that the shining light in this debacle is Buderus tech support.  Couldn't ask for better.

    .60 at 185 psi is what should be in the boiler.  Needless to say the burner is not "set for that boiler".. Not even close.

    Would have liked to try it out, but I got a 2 line kit for a BF5, so now waiting for the BF3 2 line kit.

    Missing pieces from the FT4 are supposedly en route..
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