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Boiler leaking from pipe I never noticed before

carress Member Posts: 2
M boiler is leaking form a (1")pipe that shoots up from the top of the boiler near the front left corner, an inch away from a larger pipe. the leaking pipe goes backward and runs down the back of the boiler, it's cut off about 3" from the floor. aside from where it exits the boiler, the pipe doesn't touch the boiler again. There is a valve??? on the pipe. It's round and has a metal thing that looks a little like a one of those plactis straws that comes with travel cups. The metal thing san be spun around rather freely, and that spinning action doesn't seem to do anything. It I pull up on the 'straw thing', water shoots out of the pipe where it is cut off near the floor. The water seems to be brown- with rust (?) (noot totally brown, but murky). the exiting water is also VERY hot.

MY model number is PV83WT - TBWF

I looked at the reading on the guage, but don't understand what they mean. I gathered that the:

 temperature is 60degrees &about 150degrees (F, C??)

 the pressure? is 10 (on the upper reading at the bottom of the dial)

 the pressure? is 105 (on the lower reading on the bottom of the dial)

I'm not sure what else to add.

So...what is this pipe, why is it leaking, what needs to be done? Is this something that I can fix, or do I need a professional?

I can provide pictures if needed. The one I included shows the pipe in question in the middle - just to the left of the huge pipe (chimney?)

Thanks in advance for the help.


  • lchmb
    lchmb Member Posts: 2,997
    sounds like

    your pressure relief valve. It could indicate that your expansion tank has lost pressure or your pressure reducing valve is over filling the boiler or some other problem. I would suggest you have someone come in and inspect and correct the issue's with your system.
  • carress
    carress Member Posts: 2
    patch for tonight?

    Thank you.

    Is there anything I can do tonight to put off the call until tomorrow evening? the leak is pretty bad, and the pan needs to be emptied every 2 hours or so.
  • lchmb
    lchmb Member Posts: 2,997

    ended up leaving just after the first post..
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