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carlin 40200 substitute

Mustsail Member Posts: 2
Hello All,

I have a oil hot water heater in a house in Connecticut, that I take care of. After the power outage, which stoped my sump pump system (including a 48 hour battery back up Watch Dog) and flooded my basement, the hot water heater controller, which got submerged, isn't working.

The old controller is a Carlin 40200-02. It has wires coming out of it, so it interconects with wire nuts, instead of push on connectors. First of all, they seem kind of hard to find. Second of all, they are kind of expensive, Thridly they seem to have a lot of negitive reliability comments.

Can I substitute a Becket or other product, maybe I can find for like $50 or so? I guess I am not very picky about "this many seconds delay" or other preference type specifications. 

Also, as the house is un-occupied, time is not very important.

I have no idea about controller intercompatibility so I thank you for your help. 


New Hampshire (taking care of a house in Connecticut)


  • icesailor
    icesailor Member Posts: 7,265
    edited November 2011
    40200 Substitute:

    If the control was submerged, the control must be replaced. However, if the control was submerged, the igniter, the cad cell assembly and the motor were also submerged. Therefore, if the burner went underwater, so did the heater. The chamber is shot. Insurance and codes require replacement. It would be unwise for any professional to help you get around these issues.

    Anything electrical is supposed to be replaced.
  • meplumber
    meplumber Member Posts: 678
    Absolutely concur with icesailor.

    There is no way around this one.

    Any professional would open himself up to liability to assist you with getting around it.

    Anything electrical has to be replaced and the chamber should be as well.

    That is the motor, the ignitor, cad cell, primary control and burner motor.
  • Steamhead
    Steamhead Member Posts: 16,894
    edited November 2011

    not only the burner, but the entire heater should be replaced since water got into it. Yes, if the water submerged the control, it also got into the bottom of the heater.

    Check with your insurance company, they just might cover it.
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  • Mustsail
    Mustsail Member Posts: 2
    Thank you

    Interesting, being a complete amateur, and apparently a somewhat lucky one, I just tried to re-start the furnace and hot water heater. Both had been submerged.

    The furnace blower seemed stuck so I sprayed it with WD 40 and loosened it up. I opened up everything I could and blotted up any water. The furnace controller is on an open circuit board, so it had dried out completely. The furnace started up and seems to be running fine.

    I tried the same approach with the hot water heater. It also started up and I had hot water. During operation, something was making a chattering sound. I thought it was maybe a relay in the controller, which, although not really sealed, is in a plastic box I couldn’t open.  Latter when I tried to restart the hot water heater, absolutely nothing would happen.

    I have a good HVAC guy I can call. I just thought it might be no real problem.

    Thank you for your help.Chris
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