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snowmelt controls

yeah im currently installing a peerless boiler in a car wash with radiant floors. the owner decided not to put tubing in the aprons. the ? i have is that i was given a zurn qhgs concrete sensor that senses temp and moisture. and the more i thought about it im not sure if that is the way to go. first off its a car wash and its always gonna be wet but im not sure if it goes by both moisture and cold temp at the same time to turn on the heat or one or the other im assuming both but with that there are 3 bays and if ppl are using a certain bay then the bay with the sensor will be dry and so it wont call for heat so then i thought maybe putting it outside on the apron but if its nice out but below freezing then the bays will freeze because its not wet outside. so i thought maybe just putting a thermostat in a bay and go with that . what do you suggest?


  • Jay_14
    Jay_14 Member Posts: 39
    Car wash ice melt control

    If the car wash is open 24 hours then recommend turning on the ice melt system based upon outdoor air temperature. There is no point to having a water detection system because a car could be washed at any time and the dripping water will freeze before the ice melt system can heat up the concrete.

    Since heating the concrete slab in the middle of winter can get expensive, its important to use a control to regulate the slab temperature. Consider using a tekmar snow / ice melt control.

    If you are using a condensing Peerless boiler a 650 control is recommended. If using a non-condensing Peerless boiler, then a 362 control with a mixing valve or injection mixing pump is recommended.


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