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Weil McLain GV Gold Blower Motor Removal

jwelch1103 Member Posts: 3
Hello everyone, I turned on my heater the other day for the first time this heating season and it did not operate. Looking at the LEDs I saw the purge light was flashing. I shut off power to the system and waited half a minute or so and restored power with the thermostat set to call for heat.

As the heater powers up I noticed I could feel a small amount of heat radiating from about where the control module is, I feel it and it does not feel warm. Realizng the blower should be running at this point (during the initial purge) I look under the control module and feel the blower motor. It is very, very hot. I can only touch it for a split second, easily as hot as a frying pan.

So I shut down power and the next day start to remove the motor. Well after removing the mounting screws and fully removing the allen head set screw on the motor shaft coupling I can not get the motor to budge. I am trying to pry it out using two screwdrivers.

Can give me some information on removing this motor? I am hoping I do not have to remove the entire motor/blower assembly. Any help anyone may be able to render would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


  • meplumber
    meplumber Member Posts: 678
    The motor itself is not replaceable.

    The combustion fan is sold as an assembly. That is the only way that it should be replaced.
  • jwelch1103
    jwelch1103 Member Posts: 3
    Weil McLain GV Gold Blower Motor Removal

    Thanks for your reply and I do not mean to argue with you but I have purchased a replacement motor from Weil McLain part #382200345, Kit Blw Mtr Rplmnt GV is the label on the box.

    After looking at the pexsupply website again I see they also sell the entire assembly. I suppose I should exchange the motor for the assembly.

     Thank you for your help.
  • Charlie from wmass
    Charlie from wmass Member Posts: 4,195
    my wholesalers only handle

    the assembly. Changing the motor only is not recommended by Weil-McLain or any pro's I know. Bending the blower wheel could be very dangerous and could result in an unsafe boiler. Also in Mass only licensed professionals are allowed to buy repair parts for gas equipment. I say return the motor and get the proper part. I also say have a pro with the right testing equipment install it.
    Cost is what you spend , value is what you get.

    cell # 413-841-6726
  • meplumber
    meplumber Member Posts: 678
    As Charlie stated.

    I realize that an online company sold you the part, but.....

    Return the part and get the assembly. We are only allowed to replace the blower as an assembly. That is the only approved method from Weil Mclain. After replacement, the boiler should be tested with digital combustion equipment to make sure that nothing went wrong during the replacement.

    Failure to do so could result in carbon monoxide levels being above safe levels.

    Good Luck.
  • jwelch1103
    jwelch1103 Member Posts: 3
    Thanks to all for their input

    Thank you for your help gentlemen. I have exchanged the motor for the assembly. I greatly appreciate all of you taking the time to respond. It kept me from "barking up the wrong tree" so to speak.
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