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gas line test pressure

ChrisJ Member Posts: 11,986
I just installed a new gas line in my house and was told I must pressure test it for the inspector.  I have this all set up but am curious about the test pressure.

It seems most guys say to test it at 5 psi.  Why is this?  Why not go higher, say, 10 - 15 psi?  Wouldn't this make finding any leak even a small one faster?
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  • lchmb
    lchmb Member Posts: 2,997

    Make sure to disconnect your appliances in case a shut off fails. As far as pressures, the black iron can handle any pressure but most use a rogers guage which has a hand pump on it. 5lbs will tell you if there is a leak, although nothing say's you cant test it higher...Dont forget the system only run's on 11" water column (propane)....
  • AFred
    AFred Member Posts: 81
    Pressure test

    I don't know what your inspectors want(hes the boss) but, here in Minneapolis and St. Paul its 25lbs for 24 hours or 100lbs for 1 hour. What ever kind of pipe your using can handle that, or it shouldn't be used.

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