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TT60 Control Advice Needed

Rich Davis_2
Rich Davis_2 Member Posts: 117
Yesterday I fired off my newly installed TT 60, everything worked fine till this morning.  There was a call for heat and it wasn't running but, the circ was running constantly.  On standby it was flashing the numbers over and over 0-5-1-7.  I checked all the parameters and they were all set to factory specs.  Turned off power turned back on, it started just like it was suppose to. Ran for about 2 min then tripped doing the same thing.  Checked the control manual that I recieved at TT training, can't find where it really covers this problem.  Any suggestions where to start looking.  Of course this happens on the weekend when TT is closed.  Thanks in advance.

Rich Davis


  • Bob Vennerbeck
    Bob Vennerbeck Member Posts: 105
    could be power-robbing thermostat or controls

    I saw very similar behavior on a TT Solo 110, and a Prestige Excellence - I suspect the control circuitry of your TT60 is similar.

    I had hooked up a salvaged Honeywell Round electronic thermostat direct to the boilers while I finished up controls and outlying loops... it would fire the first time, but once the system satisified the tstat, it would endlessly pump, and the display would do the 0, 1, 5 7 dance.

    I substituted a mercury tstat and it worked fine after a Reset on both systems.

    Once I got the loops finished and the Taco ZVC zone valve controls completely wired, the problem went away - but the ZVC indicator LED for the zone I used that Honeywell Round on flickered gently when it WASN'T calling for heat, and came on bright when it was - so I would suspect that the thermostat was pulling more current in the off state than the Triangle Tube onboard controls liked to see.

    Anyway - if you're comfortable with jumpering the thermostat connections at the boiler, and it fires right up, that should prove if I'm barking up the right tree.


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