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Snow melt question

Hello all. i recently purchased a house w a glycol filled takagi tk1s fired boiler snowmelt system  .i just need some help...i know the system may not be to eveyones liking but its there so i will use it,,,i was wondering how many gpm is needed w system, i think the boiler has a 7.5gpm max. it has a taco 009 pump. the system is feeding 6 zones ,4 of the zones are approx 300 ft each of 5/8inch pex in concrete under  pavers,the other 2 zones are 1/2 pex under steps and small walk way, the driveway is apprx 800sq ft..i recently flushed it all out and installed new gylcol. i have the re-02 remote on takagi and it is show the system flowing 2.1 gpm..that seems low, was thinking of going with a 0013 pump to try to get up to 5-6 gpm....any feed back would be great...    thanks


  • heatboy
    heatboy Member Posts: 1,468
    The Taco 009.....

    is just to get water through the HX of the water heater due to it's excessive pressure drop.  What size pump circulates the water through the snow melt?  If that is the only pump, it won't work. You will need, conservatively, 100,000 BTUH to melt snow in any kind of hurry.  Pavers are on the concrete?  Are they glued down or in a sand/stone dust bed?

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  • fast1200gp
    fast1200gp Member Posts: 25
    Sand bed/ pex in concrete below

    The 009 is the only pump...it runs at btwn 1.8-2.1 gpm.through the takagi TK1S...the system works,,if u turn on a few hours b4 the snow it works,just wondering if that is enough gpm,im looking to work what with i got,,since its here,
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