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Taco PC700-2 - Real Savings Numbers

tomsim96 Member Posts: 2

I am looking into installing the Taco PC700-2 outdoor reset and was hoping that someone who has been using it for a while can provide some real world numbers as to the savings that they are seeing. Many devices claim savings but I would like to hear and possibly see some real data.




  • Mac_R
    Mac_R Member Posts: 117

    It will be hard to say what you will save.  There are to many variables to just blurt out a number.  The problem is also no one has really done any true testing to say you will save this.  The closest people to say you will save anything is Beckett with their AquaSmart.  They guarantee a 10% savings.  that is just using their heat MGR system. 

    If I had to put a number down.  I will say 10-15% should be in the right neighborhood.  could be more could be less.  Depends. 
  • tomsim96
    tomsim96 Member Posts: 2
    Taco pc700 or Tekmar 256

    Thanks for the response. I was hoping that someone who has the device installed has tracked the amount of heating oil used before and after. While I understand that it is not the most scientific method, it would still be able to provide a reduction in the amount of oil used. I personally have a copy of every fuel oil bill since I purchased my house in 1998 and I can tell how many gallons I use year over year and since my new boiler was installed in 2004.
  • CMadatMe
    CMadatMe Member Posts: 3,084
    Estimated Savings

    Very hard to give you an exact number. Cast iron boiler limits you to most likley a small reset curve of 20 degrees or so. Based on the for every 3 degrees you can run a heating system below 180 degrees you save one percent of fuel your looking at 6 percent or so without even turing the boiler on.

    The best way to anwser your question is, what is the heat loss of the home, what is the size of the boiler and are we going to do any re-piping to possibly get a better system reset. The best bang maybe to reset the system and add the heat manager to the boiler. The heat manager will manage the burn cycles while the reset will manage the system. You could possibly saving yourself 25-30% depending on what you want to spend and if true fuel savings and comfort are your goal.
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  • Jay_14
    Jay_14 Member Posts: 39
    Outdoor Reset Savings 10 to 20%

    The Minnesota Energy Office conducted a study on outdoor reset in 1984 and found that the average savings was between 10 to 20%.

    See attached PDF for the full study.
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