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Help me identify this part

jim_14 Member Posts: 271
<strong>Bought this a long time ago online and now it stopped working and I cant find it again.

It was called a solar TAV valve, used for solar heating panels or garden hoses in the sun.

Basically the idea was that you left the panel or rolled up hoses in the sun, and as the water temp rose and hit 90, the valve would open and let the hot water into the pool and then shut when the cold water hit the valve. This was supposed to happen over and over in a day so that only warm water was allowed into the pool.

It looks to me as it was made with 3 pvc pieces. An end cap with a hole in it, a coupler with the temperature vave in to, and a last piece that has the female end of a garden hose connector in it.

I would like to make one myself, but Im not sure where to get this valve or what its called. It looks like it "pops up" when warm/hot water touches it. The piece with the garden attachment says lasco sch 40 1 1/4 x 3/4



  • Larry Weingarten
    Larry Weingarten Member Posts: 3,336
    I've done solar ...

    ...since the late 70s and don't think I've seen this goodie.  If you want to experiment a bit, you might be able to find something like a low temperature automotive thermostat and make a housing for it, possibly from ABS fittings.

    Yours,  Larry
  • Lissa
    Lissa Member Posts: 1
    Solar tav for garden hose to heat pool

    Hi, I saw your post. I too, had one of these from eBay and I actually got a hold of the buy last year and he was going to be selling them again but I ended up not getting it. I tried to find him this year and cannot find him. Have you had any luck getting the valve? If you did could you let me know how I can get one?

  • heatpro02920
    heatpro02920 Member Posts: 991
    edited May 2013
    Thats too easy

    I made that much more complicated long ago, lol for under 30 bucks...

    Use a selco thermal switch {just a disc switch, 90*} $4, wire that to open a rain bird sprinkler valve $15, and use a cheap transformer {white rogers for $8}.... the normally open switch pops and closes when it reaches the set temp, then send juice to the normally closed sprinkler valve which lets the water through, then the cold water cools the switch and it shuts the valve EZ PZ lemon squeezey....

    My design involved a small pump and a 3 way valve,1500 feet of 1" black tubing and a pair of old reclaimed hot tubs {about 800 gallons) to heat water for a car wash with no water heater... that only rans in the summer, they are closed now, but it worked well, they used to clean RV's and the occasional semi... That water used to get so hot I'm surprised it never boiled in them hot tubs, even when the sun was hardly shining that water would be 125 minimum!!!! I hooked a well pump to one outlet on each hot tub and fed it to there garden hose, the new water was introduced with a pair of float switches {like in the back of a toilet}... What I used to do for friends and a 6 pack...
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