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Baseboard radiator

pattym Member Posts: 1

We have a house with baseboard radiators, about 60 years old.

The previous owner cut and capped the loop that was in the basement.

are there any quick and dirty guidelines as how to add a few baseboard radiators downstairs using to old loop? (Or a new loop)

I am a plumber so the process is no problem, I am not in the heating field and am finding it impossible to have people to come out and take a look in my area.

I was hoping I could hook them up with pexA.

I would be happy to post pictures and supply any needed information if someone could offer any advice.

(Would be willing to pay someone too. Northern Va.)

I stumbled onto this site this morning.

It is great.




  • Edwardw
    Edwardw Member Posts: 2
    Baseboard Radiator

    I have a similar problem.

    Would love to know where to start
  • Edwardw
    Edwardw Member Posts: 2
    Baseboard Radiator

    I have a similar problem.

    Would love to know where to start
  • MikeG
    MikeG Member Posts: 169
    Heat Loss

    For a start you need to do an accurate heat loss to determine how many BTUs are needed at a given indoor temp versus the outdoor temp.  You know what you are going to use the basement for, that will dictate your indoor temp and potential comfort level.  The outdoor temp is usually the design temp, usually the lowest temp you see during the winter n your area, but keep in mind that that only occurs a small percent of the time.  A basement also may not show as quick a change in temp as the above ground structure.  What temps are you currently running in the rest of the system?  Is it a one temp 180-200 degree standard baseboard system, or are there different temp zones?  Multiple circ pumps or zone valves and tstats?   It may be as simple as determining how much heat you need, looking at the output charts in BTUs per foot for baseboard at the temp you are using, and installing the needed footage of baseboard and a tstat.  There is standard baseboard and some good high output units if space is limited.  If you use PEX keep in mind  it has limitations on water temps.  What is your current boiler?  There are also a lot of control and mixing strategies to possibly maximize the efficiency of your existing system and increase your comfort.    Mike
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