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Does a minisplit have a de-humidify-only setting?

For years I have used a noisy standing dehumifidier in my finished basement in the summer months, emptying the water daily etc. It does the job but obviously not only does not cool but throws alot of hot exhaust air back in the basement.

I could install a small AC in a window but prefer not to lose a window. I was thinking mini-split and wondered if I was away on vacation for a few weeks I'd hate to waste money cooling the basement when no one's there. Yet I have to dehumidify the room to prevent mold etc. and wondered if a minisplit could do that job without the cooling or is the electric draw the same for both functions?



  • Jack
    Jack Member Posts: 1,045
    Many have a "Dry" mode

    But it is to the best of my knowledge not for dehu only. It will respond to the t-stat function. Given that most of the ms are inverter, or variable speed, you want to make sure you don't over size the unit. No system can dehumidify if it is off. What is frequently most important in your case is how low operation can continue.

    For example, i received a call from a customer who had installed a 24kbtu unit to cool and provide dehumidification in a super insulated home. The unit was not operating well. The 24k unit had a minimum input of 10.5kbtu. 10.5 was to high a minimum for this space. It would cycle off on the t'stat and, not being able to continue to run, could not provide the necessary dehumidication. I sugested that for the dehumidification to improve a unit which could run at a lower rate would be preferred. The 12kbtu unit would go as low as 3,600 btu, providing longer run times and therefore better dehu.
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