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Bowed radiator

Jonah Member Posts: 18
Since I haven't yet experienced the steam system in my home, I wonder if a bowed radiator is likely to cause big issues. By "bowed radiator", I mean that the radiator has a vertical bow in it.  The pitch begins right(one pipe system) and then in the middle there's an incorrect pitch and then at the end(the vent end) it corrects again. There must be a good chance that condensate will build up in the middle of the radiator, right? Will it be alright if I simply give it some extra pitch to get rid of most of the standing condensate.

      Just curious... and nervous about a winter that's rumored to be on the way.



  • Rod
    Rod Posts: 2,067
    Bowed Radiator

    Hard to say. I would just leave it and see how well it works first. While it's not ideal it may still work fine.  Then if it isn't heating properly I would check the inlet valve and the vent first for proper operation and if that doesn't make a difference try a little more slope. Too much slope can cause problems too. A lot people use quarters ($ 0.25) as shims and add or subtract them one at a time when adjusting one pipe their radiators. It might even be beneficial to slightly block up /support the center of this radiator.

    - Rod
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