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Support for lineset

I installed a mini split ac unit in a second story room.  The 25' pre-insulated lineset 1/4" & 3/8" runs down the outside on AL siding.  It comes out the wall makes a short 90 degree turn horizontal in a soffit then 90 degrees  down the wall, another 90 degree horizontal run about 5 feet then to the outdoor unit.  The drain line and connection wire are also run with the linset.  What is a good method to support the linseset with out compressing the insulation and causing future problems.  I made up some straps from AL and pop riveted them to the siding, but I think it compresses the insulation.  I covered everything with a plastic gutter.  Just looking for a better method for the future, or is the insulation issue a non-issue.  Thanks  Mike


  • MikeyB
    MikeyB Member Posts: 696
    Line set covers

    Mike, try a Google search for  Line Set Covers, ther are a couple out there that you can tie rap the line set/drain line to the back side of the cover for support,
  • MikeG
    MikeG Member Posts: 169

    Thanks.  I had looked at the different types of covers.  I used plastic gutter sections, which actually look pretty good, and the install is on a non public visible side of the house.  The down side is that wasps will have access to build nests behind it since I cannot totally seal anything up.  I know some of the cover systems have a backer plate of some type.  I'll have to look at that to see how the line set actually anchors to that.   My biggest concern is the 15'-18' of vertical run of lineset.  I made some straps from AL and basically clamped it to the siding.  I put enough straps on to hopefully give enough friction to hold it but not compress the insulation.  The type of insulation on these linesets is so soft it gets compressed with any amount of pressure.   Mike
  • Jack
    Jack Member Posts: 1,046
    Most line sets

    That I have handled become work hardened in the installation. I think, if I'm reading your post correctly (always an issue for me) that what is most important is how the line set is mounted/supported on the horiz runs. Unless you had a unistrut type friction hanger on the riser you are only holding it in place with your aluminum strips. I believe that Air-tec and Diversitech are the two companies offering line set covers. Of the two I prefer the Airtec. I also really like their mounting brackets for ms installations. There really isn't much you can do for the "foam" insulation to keep it from compressing. You could use a larger clevis type hanger with a saddle, but any weight is going to flatten it out.
  • MikeG
    MikeG Member Posts: 169
    Vertical Run


    Actually it's the approx 18' of the vertiacl run down from the second story. In order to hold it to the siding it has to have some pressure on the insulation  There is some weight that has to be relieved from the hanging lines on the bends. The horizontal run will also have some weight.  Maybe I'm just too anal on this.  You're right the copper linse will get hardened over time.  The sections of gutter I used worked well.  I just bent some square U shaped brackets from AL, riveted them to the siding slipped the gutter over them and used SS scews to hold it.  No integral support for the line set but inexpensive, UV protection and aesthetic value also.  I take pics of what I do so I'll have to post some.

    Thanks  Mike
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