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Polaris water heater Igniter?

I have a Polaris hot water heater, Serial # 0524107785. It's no more than 6 yrs old, and that seems to be a pretty low serial number. Anyway, the burner will not ignite, and it is blinking 3 times, which is supposed to indicate "failed ignition". The ignition module, a 'UT Electronic Controls 1018 Series Hot Surface Ignition' has already been replaced once, because the replaced unit was left behind! Is there a substitute ignition module, since I question the reliability of this unit. Could the problem be the actual ignitor? On a yellow tag in the module are the following numbers: 1018-525   3210560   0629.


  • lchmblchmb Member Posts: 2,992

    Test the resistance of your ignitor. Just because you have a failed ignition does not mean it's the control. You need to verify gas pressure's also...good idea to get someone trained in trouble shooting the unit to take a look.
  • ABSolarABSolar Member Posts: 41
    Polaris problem

    Odds are good it's not the igniter but a gas pressure problem - typically you only need 3"w.c. to 14" which equates to 1/2 psi or LESS.  If it's a propane system, check for turned off valves, crimped copper supply pipe, and the ever infamous empty tank...
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