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High Efficiency Gas Boiler In "attic"

Jake0450 Member Posts: 2
About a year ago we installed a Lochinvar Knight Boiler in a 3 floor walk up space (attic). Originaly the owner had in his new slab house plans a space under a stairway on the first floor. A conditioned space here would have been ample to install our boiler. During the job the plans got changed and that space was no longer available. We suggested outer locations to hang the boiler such as the laundry room or he could build a space on to the house such as a dog house etc. He reused to take those options. The top floor space was very large 30 x 40 with a 7'+ ceiling height. I recommended we install it up there and also said he would have to make that space "conditioned" for the system to be protected from freezing as the condensate drain would freeze and harm the system. It is a sealed combustion so we took our exhaust and intake air directly of the gable end wall. The whole system including the Unico hvac was protected with drip pans and drains. The room was built by the owner's contractor and was approximately 30 x 16, R 30 insulation and we added a heating/a/c duct in the space as well. After all was said and done all permits were passed including plumbing,gas and building inspections. Now the owner is expecting us to pay for the construction of this space. As he had offered a conditioned space at the first plan I told him it is his responsibility to pay for the construction. Just as it is with other parts of the plumbing codes. For example a fresh air vent is required in a bathroom in the plumbing code but the installer in the electrician by code. A Co3 detection unit is mandatory in the gas code but is the electricians job. A pitched floor is required in a shower or floor drain application and is the responsibility to be built by the tile or flooring people. I can go on an on as you all must know.

To get to the context of my question It said in the Lochinvar install book that the boiler is not to be installed in an "attic" I called them and they sheepishly concurred as did my supply rep that if the space is conditioned then it in not considered an "attic" I would like to see support for my contentions from you have like me faced these outrageous objections. Thanks for you replies. Jake master plumber 38 years in the business.


  • Steamhead
    Steamhead Member Posts: 16,242
    edited August 2011
    What did the contract specify?

    If it didn't have a provision saying you had to build the room, you shouldn't be on the hook.

    Sounds to me like this guy went way over budget and is trying to shake you down as a result. Might not be a bad idea to take our own advice to "call a pro"- bounce this off your lawyer.
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